Augmented Reality Video Streaming from remote Server - Unity3D App Template Project 21 March 19

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Augmented Reality Video Streaming app lets you play videos from within the app or from any remote server or URL that has mime of .mp4 or any other playable format.

Format of URL


  • Unity 5.6.1f1 (tested)
  • videos hosted on remote server where the video format is visible in the URL
  • Images to be recognized (target images) associated with the videos
  • Vuforia Developer Acount and license keys. Go to their site and sign up

Use Cases​

  • It is only limited by your imagination
  • Virtually endless possibilities
  • AR Business Card could be nice way to quickly demonstrate the services your company offers via a short video


  • Remote playback or remote video streaming from any webserver or URL
  • Uses Vuforia SDK
  • The video planes are scalable and rotatable with the touch of fingers
  • Using this template you can easily export into Android and iOS
  • Easy plugable URL
  • Print the image targets and scan to start playing videos in seconds!


Download the demo apk here Rate it if you like it
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